Brick beds with their own hands

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Brick beds with their own hands

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Fences give beds not merely aesthetics. Borders prevent sprawl and washout of dirt, and if the bottom of the bed even strengthen steel net, plantings will be 100% protected against moles and other pests. For self-made fences use some improvised material. If you'd like, you can buy ready-made boxes at a store. More frequently than not, anglers provide taste to home made fences. The most dependable are considered beds made from brick, particularly if they are high. A good construction is developed on the base, and very low brick fences are simply laid out on the shape of the mattress. Options for designing a brick mattress

Brick is a thick building stuff, and it will not be possible to build a portable fencing out of it. Though such a statement is not completely correct. It all depends on the goal of the bed along with the crops grown on it. Let's say you would like to fence a mattress of low-growing blossoms or yard grass in the yard. For this bed just dig vertically enough bricks. To achieve perfection, it is much better to set each brick in a incline. The end result is going to be a great toothed fence, resembling a saw.

Create a good edging low bed can be reached by placing bricks flat in 2-3 rows. To try it, you will need to dig a shallow trench, pour a sandy cushion and dry without any mortar to put the brick walls.

Warning! Building a brick fence without mortar over three rows is undesirable. The pressure of the earth of a high bed will collapse the dryly piled walls.

The benefit of bed fences made from dry or buried stacked bricks is that the mobility of the structure. Naturally, a brick wall can't be transferred as a galvanized box, but it can be disassembled if necessary. After one season, bricks are easily removed from the ground, and the following year you can break the bed in another location.

A very distinct design is a high bed of bricks. To put it together with your own hands will probably be more difficult, but attainable. Such a fence is a full sized brick wallmounted on brick. During spring and winter temperature changes the soil has a propensity to swell. For each discipline the degree of motion of the soil differs, but nevertheless a phenomenon of nature is still unavoidable. To prevent brickwork from breaking, the fence of the bed is made onto a strip foundation.

The walls of the high bed can be produced of any bits of brick, above all, they should be well secured together with mortar. Usually such funds structures are constructed in the yard to decorate the entire landscape. As an alternative, it is far better to instantly use bricks. When the partitions are made from pieces, they are lined with decorative stone.